Meerenai Shim, GCFP

Photo of Meerenai Shim

Photo by Diana Fast

Meerenai is interested in helping everyone learn how to manage their performance anxiety, relieve their repetitive stress concerns, and live a full, dynamic life.

Meerenai Shim is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner(CM), Registered Somatic Movement Educator, and professional flutist. Since 2012, she has been teaching movement and practical anatomy to musicians wishing to improve their craft. After completing her Feldenkrais Practitioner training, she has expanded her practice in Campbell, California to work with those who want to live with less pain and more flexibility, and as well as those wishing to improve their performance in sports and the arts.

Meerenai graduated from Mary Spire’s Optimal Moves Feldenkrais Teacher Training Program in August 2019.

Between Feb 2012 and Feb 2016, Meerenai taught the Andover Educators' body mapping course, “What Every Musician Needs to Know About the Body." As a licensed Andover Educator, she taught private and group Body Mapping lessons and presented workshops/masterclasses for musicians.

As a Registered Professional Member of the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association, I meet the high Standards of Practice and uphold the Code of Ethics. For more information visit